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    AWR Surgeons Meet 2021 at Rajkot

    Dolphin Mesh had the privilege to participate in the AWR Surgeons Meet 2021 held at Rajkot on 25th of September, this event was an opportunity for us to showcase our wide range of composite hernia mesh products. With more than 2000 delegates participating from across the world, this was a unique opportunity for participants to […]

    Mesh vs Non Mesh Hernia Repair

    There are two main ways Hernia can be repaired – via suture surgery or mesh repair and both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important that you know what they are so you can make the important decisions regarding hernias and hernia repair methods. Suture Repair Traditionally, hernias were repaired via suture surgery. […]

    Understanding Hernia and Hernia Mesh

    What is a Hernia? A hernia is a a hole in the muscular abdominal wall. The tissue inside of the abdomen protrudes through the muscles of the abdominal wall which can cause significant discomfort or pain. There is also a risk of the intestine becoming caught (incarcerated in the abdominal wall hole or defect. This […]